Sunday, June 6, 2010

This week has been very trying. My ten month old wants to get into anything he is not allowed to get into; mostly my laptop. It takes so long just to be able to write one sentence. I started keeping some cheese with me to give myself a few extra undivided minutes. Is that bad?
I'm also very proud of myself for finally figuring out the print screen button on my computer. I looked at all of the manuals and none of them had any information about the keyboard. I thought that assignment was going to be the end of me!
Anyway here comes the monster!


  1. Hi Micah,

    It certainly sounds like you have your hands full. Your son sounds like he is just very interested in what your doing especially since the laptop has so many cool things on it. I used to buy my nephew off with teddy grahams when he was spending the night and I had to get something done. LOL. So, you are not alone! :)

    As far as the print screen option goes, I had to have my husband help me firuge out how to work it. He showed me on random screens so I could do my project on my own. Good luck!


  2. Teddie Grahams! I just may have some of those.

  3. Micah -- cheese (and bribery) are both good!!